ACMVS provides family-friendly house call services in select areas of Anderson Creek, Spring Lake and Fort Bragg. We offer individualized care for your pets in the comfort of their environment and the convenience of your home. Our staff members live in the neighborhoods served, making us truly a community based practice.

We provide your pets' semi-annual examinations, vaccinations, laboratory testing, and comprehensive support for on-going medical needs. ACMVS supports all phases of life to include hospice, end-of-life care and specialized pet-sitting needs.

As a house call practice, if your pet needs hospitalization, surgery or radiographs, we cooperate with select veterinary hospitals and specialty centers in the area for continuity of care.

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  City Spring Lake, NC
  Zip Code 28390
  Address 197 Lamplighter Way
  Phone Number (910) 603-5037

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Anderson Creek Veterinary Services offers individualized care for your pets throughout their lives. We provide their semi-annual examinations, vaccinations, and lab work and comprehensive support for on-going medical needs.

Because we are a specialized housecall practice, if your pet needs hospitalization, surgery or radiographs, we cooperate with select veterinary hospitals and specialty medical centers in the area for continuity of care.

Customer Testimonials

Please do your pets a great service by using Anderson Creek Mobile Vet Services. I have a 16 year old black lab who has needed pain management for almost a year. Every vet I have been to in the last three years has told me that he is old for a lab and we should consider euthanasia. Not Amy!! She spent an hour with Rusty and instead gave me a very detailed pain management plan to try first. The plan has worked better than I could have imagined! My boy is trotting around like he was years ago. This is truly the best veterinary Doctor I have ever met. Plus, she comes to YOU!! Can't get better than that.

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And there is a LOAD of happiness at Harnett County Animal Control right now! Warm tingles aside, Harnett County AC was hit with a load of dogs and cats with the cold spell that they have been unable to locate homes for. While they will hold these animals
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This is no joke, peeps. The best thing, and only thing at this point, is to be religious about your dogs’ and cats’ monthly heartworm prevention!
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#vetpeeves #responsiblevestpurchases #patchwork Happy Sunday chickapees!
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TGIF, all you chickadees! (shshshshshshshshsh!............)
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We get asked every day how to choose the best foods for pets--especially by families interested in feeding "organic", "natural", or "whole foods" diets. This is an amazing document that will give you guidelines to begin with. "Factual information must
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Bella is trying sooooo hard to avoid her daily shenanigans before Santa’s visit!
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When Friday canNOT come fast enough!!!!
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Yep. We feel your pain, all you amazing Groomers out there keeping our pets looking presentable!
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From Our Website

Laser therapy is particularly helpful in reducing pain and enabling arthritic pets to be more active and comfortable in their mobility. It is also very beneficial in managing wounds and skin conditions including hot spots, lick granulomas, otitis, pyoderma, and healing of surgical incisions. It can also speed healing by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation to treated areas. Dr. Sanders will develop and recommend protocols during your appointment if you are interested in bringing this complimentary, healing therapy to your pet's care.

Dr. Amy Sanders is a graduate of Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine and specializes in small animal medicine. She served 12 years on active duty in the U.S. Army with several deployments in support of OIF/OEF. Dr. Sanders now serves as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has practiced in North Carolina since 2005.

If you are a new family in the practice, you can assist us by submitting the information below. This will allow us to study the important medical history and vaccination status of your pet in time for their appointment. Please read and indicate acceptance of terms by checking the box below. I understand when submitting this registration, that I am responsible for any charges incurred by my pet while in the care of the doctors and staff of Anderson Creek Mobile Veterinary Service and that charges are due and payable at the time of service, unless other arrangements are made in advance.