All Pets Emergency has offered experienced critical care to 1000's of pets in need. Colitis is an inflammation of the colon, or huge intestine. It may be acute, with sudden onset and short duration, or chronic, that is present for at least two to three weeks or exhibiting a pattern of episodic recurrence.

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  City Alpharetta , GA
  Zip Code 30004
  Address 6460 Highwy 9 N
  Phone Number (678) 366-2500

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  • Unprofessional and verges on the need to file a Malpractice Suit against these people!

I took my 4 month puppy in on Sunday, June 23rd for an injured eye. I waited forever, which is understandable if there are injured animals. Finally, the vet came in, Dr. Blankenship, and briefly looked at my dogs eye and whisked her away forever. Finally, he came back in with an estimate of charges which included a charge for eye staining to see if there were any scratches or tears in her cornea. I asked if he already performed the procedure and he said, uh...yes....without me consenting, but he then assured me there were no scrapes and she had what amounted to a black eye. Prescribed 2 medications, one of which was a steroid and told me to watch her for 4-5 days and take her to my regular vet. By Thursday the eye was worse and cloudy.

Took her to our regular vet and she had a torn Cornea! Plus, the steroids further damaged her eye and we were told that you NEVER prescribe a steroid when the cornea is torn. She has gone thru 1 surgery already and may need more and she will most likely be blind in that eye. Called All Pets and spoke with Karen Shuler, office manager, I guess...basically she said that Dr. Blankenship stained my dogs eye twice...Really??? didn't even look like he did once and that he had multiple eye cases that I really care? and that there was no cornea tear and whatever happened to my dog didn't happen on their watch and MUST have happened after I left their office. Now, why would that be the case?

She certainly had something wrong with her eye, otherwise why would I waste my time and money going to the ER Vet on a Sunday plus I didn't see ANY Evidence of dye in her eye or fur. Now I have a precious 4 month old puppy that will never have full vision again and had they done their job, this could have been easy fix. They refused to refund my money or pay for the advanced care she now needs because of their mistakes. I disputed the charges with my credit card company...don't know if that helps and I will also file a complaint with the State Licensing board.

If you love your animals stay far far away from this place!

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  • I would not recommend this business
  • I was told that their procedure is to examine the pet away from the owner.

Concerned about acute change in behavior and vomiting after a normal day at home, I brought my 15 yr old Wheaten Terrier in to be evaluated. There were no other people in the waiting room and they did not seem busy. They took my dog and walked him into the back room and put me in a vet room to wait. After 30 minutes, and getting more worried, I came out and asked about my dog and was told that a kitten had been brought in. I reluctantly returned to the room and continued to wait and 5 minutes later the vet came in and said that the evaluation tuned up nothing unusual..all vitals were normal except that my dog was shaking and he seemed hyper touchy.

He offered no explanations or opinions. He did hand me a quote which added up to over $550 of tests he suggested he perform saying that he wasn't certain that any of them would be useful. Because my dog was in pain, I asked about pain medication and was told that it wouldn't hurt and that they could give him an injection and then have me take home some liquid. I decided to go with that option to see how my dog did overnight. I waited another 10 minutes, alone in the room and since I hadn't heard anything I went to the front desk. They had the box of pain medication at the front desk, and said that the dr had given my dog the injection, and they were waiting for the "instructions". I was asked to stand aside while they waited on another customer who was paying $2500 for services for their dog. Worried about what could possibly be going on with my dog I walked through the room and into the back and called.

The receptionist then called for the vet to talk with me. I told him that I wanted to leave right away, please bring my dog I wanted to go. I waited another 5 minutes and they took my payment BEFORE bringing my dog out. I felt that I was being extorted. I didn't feel a sense of trust that my dog was examined. He was still in pain for 4 more hours before I thought it was safe to give him the pain medication. He immediately calmed down and slept. I do not think that he was given an injection at all and I would not return to that clinic unless I had absolutely no other options. They were much more interested in "selling" expensive tests than treating the dog or giving a diagnosis. I called the next day to ask for the written results of the exam and learned that the vet had written that my dog's bowels were "iffy". No one had shared that with me.

Value for moneymuch more interested in selling tests than the interest of the pet
Service & supportattitude came across as they were doing me a favor not one of service
QualityI did not see the exam and could not ask questions; I doubt the vet
Overall ratingFair