AEVS is owned by over ninety veterinarians and operates six emergency veterinary clinics in Minnesota Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, Rochester, Duluth, and St. Cloud. AEVS was set up in 1979 and all AEVS clinics are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association AAHA.

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  City Minneapolis , MN
  Zip Code 55422
  Address 4708 Olson Memorial Highwy
  Phone Number (763) 529-6560

  • I would not recommend this business
  • phony charges, overdose your pet. Awful, awful Vet Clinic, preying on frightened families.

Tom DeBleeckere is the worst thing you could ask for in a Vet. We brought our elderly (age 14) Newfoundland in for an emergency episode of BLOAT. The dog had suffered one episode previously, so I knew what to expect. We called ahead that we were coming.

The first thing they did was take the dog AWAY to another room to write up their treatment plan and COST ESTIMATE. This cost estimate included two thousand dollars in unnecessary add-ons, which had nothing to do with his emergency condition. I declined all but what was absolutely necessary and that is to pump out stomach contents to relieve gas (bloat) and blockage. (The first episode of bloat, I brought my dog to Brighton Vet where the Vet, one Tech and my family spent a late-night siphoning stomach contents from our dog. I participated in his care and knew exactly what was happening and why.) Dr. Tom DeBleeckere threatened / bullied us with, "your dog will be dead by tonite, if you don't do the cardiac monitoring, catheter, and anesthesia." I STILL DECLINED all but pumping stomach. They told me "that is torture!" They took him away AGAIN. I tried to follow and they prevented me from accompanying my dog.

They returned our dog in unconscious condition. The Tech sheepishly admitted to administering "possibly too much" narcotic anesthesia -- do you know how much to overdose A 125-lb dog? - AGAINST MY WISHES. I insisted they then administer NARCAN to reverse their OVERDOSE OF OUR DOG! The Tech looked shocked that I knew anything about Narcan.
They gave narcan and we carried our giant dog out to the lawn to wait for him to recover from his overdose of narcotics. They tried to kill our dog! They prey on families in emergencies. This guy should never be allowed to practice medicine on any living thing! A liar, a cheat and a spiteful attempt to HARM OUR DOG!

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