At ABC Veterinary Hospital, we supply a complete array of veterinary services designed to supply the highest standards of care for your special pet. Our facilities are complete with radiology, dentistry and an in-house laboratory. In addition to general medicine, we provide low-cost spay, neuter and vaccine services as well as year-round flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

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  City San Diego , CA
  Zip Code 92103
  Address 4054 Normal Strt
  Phone Number (619) 299-6020

  • I would not recommend this business
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  • rip you off while your pet is suffering

ABC Veterinary almost killed my beautiful dog Raisin. My dog started loosing weight rapidly, went from 70lbs to 50lbs. I took my dog to ABC 4 times all together within those 4 months. They wanted me to start with a Fecal and a blood test worth 300$. Both tests came negative, (at least that's what they told me), while my dog was loosing weight in front of my eyes. After that I paid for another $200 for another kind of blood test that came negative as well. At this point I had spend $500 with no results and my dog was dying in front of my eyes. My last visit they told me to buy some special food, so I did. My dogs diarrhea got worst and his weight dropped MORE, so skinny that he could hardly move, would stay curled up in bed all day. Last call I made to ABC, they wanted to charge me $400 for an Ultra Sound Testing.

I was on my way to get this $400 test done when my friend called and recommended another vet. This other vet told me he thinks it's my dogs pancreas and he needs to do a blood test again. I took my dog Raisin to this new vet and did another blood test. The Doctor called me back next day and prescribed my dog Raisin antibiotics and Pancri-plus. Ever since then my dog has GAINED back to 65lbs from 50lbs and he is on his way to recovery. If I did not switch my vet, I'm almost positive that my dog would be dead and I would've spend almost $1000 dollars with no results. I tried to contact the owner and the management of ABC Veterinarian and they hung up on me every single time. If you want your pet to be well and live, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO ABC.

Value for moneyrip off
Service & supportrude, hung up on me several times
Qualitythey almost killed my dog
Overall ratingPoor